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Indonesia's best kept adventure tour & travel secret!!!


As far as adventure tour and travel is concerned, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province truly must be one of Indonesia's best kept secrets.  The diversity of the landscape, the people and the world class tourist attractions, all located in a safe and unspoiled environment make it a "must visit" destination.

The unabashed friendliness of it's people contrasts with the exotic and energetic traditional ceremonies like the Pasola of Sumba, the whip fighting of Flores and the war dances of Sabu.  See the prehistoric Dragons of Komodo, the three colored crater lakes of Keli Mutu in Flores; dive in the world renowned diving destinations of Alor and Komodo; surf the waves of Rote and Sumba or just relax on any of the hundreds of unspoiled beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Try your hand at game fishing in Kupang, Rote or  Sumba where Black Pacific Sailfish and Blue Marlin abound.  With more than 95% of the population Christian, it is considered one of the safest regions in Indonesia for foreign travelers. The people will embrace you with open arms and are very happy to welcome you into their villages to experience their traditional way of life.

As we say, travel, tour, explore, experience & enjoy the excitement of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)  INDONESIA'S BEST KEPT ADVENTURE TOUR & TRAVEL SECRET.


Timor Island or West Timor with it's capital Kupang is the administrative and cultural center of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT).  This is the starting point, the hub and the spring board for your adventure tour of the region, as well as having an abundance of tourist attractions itself - caves, diving, game fishing, tropical beaches and traditional villages. More info...
Photo by Dr. Kal Muller.


Komodo Island is best known as the habitat of giant Lizards know as Komodo Dragons.  Komodo Island is an established national marine reserve, a professionally managed world class diving destination - what more could an adventure traveler ask for than dragons & diving - make sure you don't miss this, it's truly an adventure of a lifetime. More info...
Photo by Dr. Kal Muller.


Flores Island exemplifies  diversity more than any other region, the Three Colored Lakes of Mount Keli Mutu contrasting with the pristine coral gardens of Riung, Labuan Bajo and Maumere.  The breath taking ritual of the whip fighting of Manggari and the solemn Catholic Easter festival in Larantuka  - Flores Island is as diverse as it is beautiful. More info...
Photo by Dr. Kal Muller.

Alor and Lembata Islands are the least visited and are therefore the most unspoiled regions of Nusa Tenggara Timur.  Trek to the rim of a volcano on Pantar, visit the traditional whaling village on Lembata, dive the straits of Alor at a dive destination rated by all  to be amongst  the best in the world or see the centuries old Moko drums used in ceremony. More info...
Photo by Dr. Kal Muller.


Sumba Island with the brutal but exciting Pasola ritual, megalithic stone tombs, traditional high roofed houses and outstanding Ikat weavings is one of the most culturally interesting regions of  Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) - add  beach side bungalow resorts offering surfing & game fishing  and Sumba becomes the destination of contrasts. More info...
Photo by Dr. Kal Muller


Rote and Sabu Islands are peace and tranquilly personified where the people are still predominantly influenced by their past beliefs and traditions and are rich in cultural heritage.  The people's  lifestyle on Sabu remains virtually unchanged today, due to its relative isolation.  Rote Island is well know for its world class surfing and diving. More info...
Photo by Dr. Kal Muller

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A unique collection of Chinese Ceramics, Ikat Weavings

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